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    Power Communication

    Engage • Communicate • Collaborate

    Communication is paramount to success and to changing cultures. In Power
    Communication, you identify your learning and communication preferences — visual,
    auditory, and kinesthetic, as well as the ability to learn that of others you come into contact with.

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    Leadership Breakthrough One

    Enthusiasm • Passion • Focus

    Leadership Breakthrough One is an intense, hands-on course that provides individuals with
    tangible leadership skills that will immediately impact their productivity

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    Professional Development

    Leadership • Communication • Productivity • Team Building

    Rapport Leadership International offers a wide variety of onsite training focused
    on leadership, communication, productivity, team building, and human resource development.

  • Human Resources
    Expertise • Compliance • Strategy

    Productivity, motivation and morale are three of the most essential components in the
    relationships you create with your employees, and ensuring those connections are strong is
    essential to the climate of your office.