Virtual Leadership Breakthrough One

Imagine having stronger relationships with your team, your family and friends, and most importantly... with yourself.
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Online Leadership Development In a Class Setting

What could 2.5 days of intensive self-reflection and training do for you? This highly sought-after online leadership development course turns managers into influential and powerful leaders. Experience powerful, change-inducing processes that will encourage you to push past your perceived limitations to become the leader you’ve always wanted to be. 


Attendees will: 

  • Understand what it truly means to be a part of a team 
  • Enhance communication skills so you can relate to others better
  • Master how to give and accept feedback 
  • Being competent in leading innovation
  • Harness the passion and enthusiasm necessary to live your best life

This online leadership training course will create change within so you can step into your own power… all from your own private workspace!


Focus Factors

Creating individual behavioral change, especially sustainable change, is the most difficult ambition of nearly all training programs. That's why we utilize proven practices for creating true, long-term performance change.

  • Focus & Taking Action

    First, you’ll learn to shut off distractions and laser in on what’s important. Then, you’ll be empowered to take action and move forward.
  • Feedback & Accountability

    Get and give the feedback necessary to hold yourself accountable to your coworkers and hold them accountable to you.
  • Teamwork & Support

    Discover how working as a team can help you reach your goals faster. Build on peoples’ strengths, minimize weaknesses, and have the support of a rock-solid team behind you.
  • Passion & Enthusiasm

    It’s time to live your mission and vision and reach your leadership potential.

For decades, Rapport’s processes have been a catalyst for behavioral change by producing intense experiences that create self awareness, provide feedback, uncover motivation, and utilize anchors to aid in recall.

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Create your next chapter and master your best self.

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